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Fertility Preservation 101 – Is Egg Freezing Right For You?

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, has become more common in recent years. The news has been filled with celebrities opening up about their decision to preserve their fertility, which has helped to shed more light on this topic. At Fertility Specialists of Texas, we offer the latest treatments in fertility preservation, including egg…

To the One Who Loves the Girl with the Empty Arms

It’s the holiday season. For most, it’s a time filled with joy and celebration. But for some, 1 in 8 to be exact, there’s an exquisite pain and loneliness that surfaces during the holidays. My hope is to share with you what many of us would like to say so you can empathize more, have more patience, and hug the girl with empty arms a little tighter this holiday season.

The Gratitude in it All

The holidays were the worst through what felt like countless years of infertility. My go-to top self-preservation technique was my ability to smoothly retreat from family and friends, especially ones with young kids. I deleted the Facebook app off of my phone way too many times to count and rolled my eyes at so many of the November “thankful” posts.

Silent Warriors

Greetings friends! It’s been a few weeks. Life gets busy, and it’s hard to get to the keyboard. But, I promise you haven’t been far from my mind. This month is the two-year anniversary since my last IVF cycle. As memories have popped up on my Facebook, so have a whirlwind of emotions. There was one post in particular that hit home the hardest, and I wanted to share my experience with you.