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Dr. Daniel A. Skora discusses the importance between boxers and briefs when it comes to men’s fertility; CW 33, August 2018.

Dr. Daniel Skora debunks the most common gynecological myths; Bustle, August 2018.

FST patient, Suzanne, invites cameras into her fertility journey; The Suzanne Series part 1: the AMH Screening; July 2018.


Dr. Rebecca Chilvers discusses the latest in wearable technology, a bracelet that tracks fertility while the wearer sleeps; NBC 5, July 2018.


Dr. Satin Patel speaks with Fox News Radio about the impact junk food has on fertility; June 2018.



Dr. Rebecca Chilvers speaks with national radio show Think! America about postpartum depression and its portrayal in the movie Tully; May 2018.

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) screening, a quick blood test that evaluates ovarian reserve; WFAA, Ch. 8; May 2018. 


Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein discusses infertility during the Walk of Hope Dallas; WFAA Ch. 8; April 2018.


In support of National Infertility Awareness Week, FST announces free AMH screenings and a seminar for those actively trying to conceive; Cision, April 2018.

Dr. Rebecca Chilvers discusses what patients should know about reversing a tubal ligation; HelloFlo, December, 2017.


Dr. Satin Patel spoke about the use of over-the-counter supplements and fertility treatment; July 2017


In support of National Infertility Awareness Week, Dr. Rebecca Chilvers served as a guest blogger on secondary infertility; Fort Worth Moms Blog April 2017


Dr. Rebecca Chilvers was named a Best Doctor in Collin County by her peers; D Magazine April 2017

Dr. Satin Patel was named a Fort Worth Magazine Top Doctor by his peers; April 2017.

Dr. Satin Patel discussed advancements in IVF (in vitro fertilization) for the podcast “The Fertility Doctors”; March 2017.

Dr. Rebecca Chilvers was featured in Frisco Enterprise; December 2016.

Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein and Dr. Satin Patel were named Best Doctors in Dallas by their peers; D Magazine October 2016

Fertility Specialists of Texas was featured in Living Magazine; September 2016.


Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein was named a Best Doctor in Collin County by his peers; D Magazine April 2016



Fertility Specialists of Texas spoke to Good Morning Texas about the popularity of its egg freezing parties; November 2015.


After several IVF cycles at clinics in Mexico and North Texas, Rosa Costa achieved her dream of having a daughter by utilizing PGD during her treatment at Fertility Specialists of Texas; her journey is chronicled in this July 2015 NY Post article.


Dr. Carlos Guerrero discusses IVF success in North Texas; CBS 11, April, 2015.

Dr. Carlos Guerrero attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Boston and published an abstract “High Quality Cleavage Stage Embryos”.

Dr. Jerald Goldstein was recognized as a Best Doctor in D Magazine 2013.


Dr. Goldstein was quoted in the article Journey to Motherhood in D Moms magazine; Fall/Winter 2013.


Fertility Specialists of Texas was featured in Living Tarrant County Magazine; April 2013.




Fertility Specialists of Texas and Dr. Jerald Goldstein were featured in an article about advancements in egg freezing in the Dallas Business Journal; May 2012. Fertility Specialists of Texas announced the first successful pregnancy from egg freezing in Collin County.



Reporter Nancy Leal discusses the IVF process and the use of frozen embryos with Fertility Specialists of Texas for Telemundo DFW.




Dr. Carlos A. Guerrero, scientific director at Fertility Specialists of Texas presented data regarding improvements in current egg and blastocyst freezing technologies at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference held in Denver, Colorado; October 2010.



Dr. Jerald Goldstein helped a North Texas couple conceive a child through an embryo adoption. The story was featured on NBC DFW; July 2010.



Dr. Jerald Goldstein authors Living with PCOS, an insightful book that sheds light on the under-reported, under-diagnosed endocrine disorder; May 2010.

Fertility Specialists of Texas is featured in Living North Dallas/Park Cities magazine, July 2011.



Dr. Jerald Goldstein was quoted in the article “Procreation Vacation” for DallasChild magazine, June 2008.



Dr. Jerald Goldstein commented on infertility and gastrointestinal diseases in Conceive magazine; 2007.

Father Kfather-knows-lessnows Less highlights Dr. Jerald Goldstein’s answer to the question posed by a child, “What if a mom really wants a baby but can’t have one?” As a featured expert, Dr. Goldstein explains his practice philosophy and provides a detailed explanation to this question; September 2007.



News 21 Medical Alert discusses IVF with Dr. Jerald Goldstein; February 2007.




jloDr. Jerald Goldstein was quoted in Star magazine about Jennifer Lopez’s possible pregnancy.





Dr. Jerald Goldstein discussed fertility evaluation and treatment on FamilyNet cable television program; October 2006.