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Infertility in Males

Whenever couples or individuals experience fertility concerns, we advise that both the male and female partner have an evaluation to determine the most effective treatment approach. A common misconception is that infertility is primarily a woman’s problem, however, men and women contribute equally to infertility challenges. As part of the initial evaluation a semen analysis is performed in the onsite lab at Fertility Specialists of Texas.

A semen analysis allows determination of the volume, as well as the number of sperm present, their ability to swim  and morphology or shape of the sperm. All of these factors are important in preventing a missed opportunity for a cause of infertility and will allow couples, along with their care team, to develop the most timely and cost-efficient path toward starting or expanding their family.

If a medical issue is indicated, we promptly refer patients to a urologist specializing in male fertility.


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