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Egg Donor Overview

Being an Egg Donor is Not a Job. It’s an Immense Act of Kindness.

At Fertility Specialists of Texas (FST), a leading IVF center based in Frisco, Texas, we’re always looking for caring, compassionate, healthy young women who have an innate desire to help others achieve their dreams of parenthood.

START: Complete the 3-step application process: online prescreening, the online application and the in-person medical screening.

APPROVAL: Once approved, you will become an active donor; your profile will be shared with FST couples actively searching for an egg donor.

SELECTION: When a couple chooses you, you’ll start a cycle that increases egg production for retrieval and donation.

FINISH: Once the egg retrieval is complete, you’ll receive compensation, return to the donor pool and savor the amazing joy that comes from giving someone the greatest gift … dreams fulfilled.

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