Become an Egg Donor


We are interested in egg donors who are motivated by the genuine desire to help an infertile woman become pregnant.

Egg donation is a course of action where a young woman with healthy eggs, identified as the egg donor, donates some of her eggs in order to help an infertile woman become pregnant. Women who are unable to produce viable eggs due to genetic diseases, ovarian failure, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or advanced maternal age can become pregnant utilizing donor eggs.

Until recently, infertile women didn’t have treatment options available to them and their only options were surrogate pregnancy or adoption. Nevertheless, what these women were seeking was a biological bond with their baby that was stronger than the type of bond available through surrogacy or adoption. Today, with help from young women like you, an infertile woman can have the option to carry a baby to term that shares her male partner’s genetic material.

When you become an egg donor, you will gain a sense of fulfillment and earn a couple’s eternal gratitude. You will join a special group of women who share this life-changing act of kindness.

Becoming an egg donor may feel a little overwhelming and complex. At Fertility Specialists of Texas, it is our job to lead you through the process, ease your concerns, and make this a pleasant and gratifying experience.

As an egg donor, you will be financially compensated for your time and the substantial commitment to the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process that you must make. It is important to understand, that during the egg donation process, your schedule will need to revolve around your doctor appointments and medications for several weeks. After you have completed your cycle you will be compensated $5,500 to $10,000 for your time and effort.

We Appreciate Your Interest in Becoming an Egg Donor!

Everyday generous young women like you, help others make the dream of becoming a parent a reality.

Questions about becoming an egg donor? I’m here to help! Please use the contact us form and I will follow-up with details.


Third Party Coordinator

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