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Fertility Specialists of Texas helped make our dreams of being parents come true! The staff was amazing and we became so close to everyone during the long and hard process. We now have our miracle baby and will absolutely use FST to help us have our next one.

The Pierce Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

Because I was a little older, I first came to Fertility Specialists of Texas to get everything checked out and see what struggles my husband and I might face, if any.  We went through several procedures and couldn’t determine the exact cause of why we weren’t getting pregnant.  Rather than spending more time and possible disappointment, we decided to go ahead with hormone shots and were lucky to have a successful IUI on the first try!

The Garcia Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

The entire staff at Fertility Specialists of Texas was amazing. From the first appointment, we knew we had chosen the right office for our journey to have a child. Our physician was very detailed and made sure we understood each step. She answered all our questions with patience and kindness. We now have a beautiful, 14-month-old baby boy!

The Tran Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle baby

My husband and I tried for more than three years to become pregnant with no luck. After hearing about Fertility Specialists of Texas — from a friend that had been there twice and had gotten pregnant twice — we decided it was time to make an appointment. Our experience was simply awesome. We couldn’t have asked for anything else. The supporting and caring staff was just amazing and the physician was simply one of a kind.

The Urbina Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

The staff at Fertility Specialists of Texas was truly amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience during such a hard time in our lives. There are really no words to express how thankful we are for our sweet little miracle babies.

The Boan Family

proud parents of two FST Miracle Babies

Fertility Specialists of Texas gave us the most incredible gift and I will always feel that our son was made special for us. They made this journey an amazing experience which we will cherish always. The road was long and at sometimes quite bumpy, but the destination was well worth the wait. We will be forever grateful to them for completing our family.

The Martinez Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

“I have always wanted to be a mother. When I came out, in my mind, it meant that I could no longer have a baby. One year ago, things changed. The world around us has become more accepting and with the help of science, I had options. My partner and I connected instantly with Fertility Specialists of Texas. They are genuinely caring and work hard to design solutions that will take you closer to your goal no matter what your situation may be. FST believes that everyone who wants the chance to be a parent should be given the opportunity and this is why they do what they do every day. I knew that being a mother would be amazing, but no one can quite explain the kind of love that one feels for her baby. It is so strong, so fierce and so real. Sometimes, time stands still when my daughter smiles; in that moment, I am completely hers and she is mine. Thank you so much, Fertility Specialists of Texas, for everything that you did to make our dreams come true. Looking forward to baby No. 2 soon.”

The Clammer Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

After three different clinics and five failed IVF cycles, we found Fertility Specialists of Texas. After our consult we asked each other why we didn’t hear about this clinic before, everyone was so welcoming and positive. The staff is amazing; they made us feel like we were part of the family.  Thank you so much for making our dreams come true, we will forever be thankful for our precious babies.

The Hayes Family

proud parents of two FST Miracle Babies

When just looking at your children brings you the greatest joy and love you’ve ever felt, you know you’ve experienced a miracle. Fertility Specialists of Texas enabled us to complete our family, and we don’t have enough words to describe the amount of gratitude in our hearts toward them. Our two little blessings are the answers to our prayers!

The Gunn Family

proud parents of two FST Miracle Babies

 It’d been so long since we felt any kind of hope. After years of disappointment- of feeling like it was never going to work out, Fertility Specialists of Texas gave that back to us. We came to FST broken, our arms hanging heavy with the weight of their emptiness. We left parents-with dreams of a happy family alive again.

The Dance Family

proud parents of two FST Miracle Babies

Fertility specialist of Texas gave us a chance to be a family when the odds were against us. After years of trying we came across this wonderful team that has become a part of our family and helped us create our own family. We are blessed to have been able to have such a fantastic doctor and nurses. Thank you for taking the time out to help us when others wouldn’t. We are forever indebted to you for our miracle baby!

The Wright Family

proud parents of an FST Miracle Baby

My husband and I found Fertility Specialists of Texas after a lot of research and a bad experience at a different fertility clinic. From the moment we called to make an appointment we were treated so well. Our physician sat and listened to us and came up with a unique and customized plan. He was always so professional and confident that he left us with no doubt in him. His nursing staff was always so encouraging and hope giving. Fertility treatment is something that is such an investment — mentally, physically, emotionally and financially — you want the best working with you. At Fertility Specialists of Texas, you have that. Infertility can feel so dark and lonely; the team at FST made it something that together we could overcome. We will never be able to thank them enough.

The Boyd Family

proud parents of two FST Miracle Babies

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